Play as Nemesis and see if you can eliminate 5 members of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service,  S.T.A.R.S.  The T-Virus is your ally, giving you the power to infect any weakened enemy and take control of them.  

Resident Evil is a coffee-break roguelike where you try and get the highest score possible.  


Resident Evil RL is the updated version of RERL, which I created for 7-Day Roguelike Challenge 2019..

I've loved the series since I was a teenager playing the Director's Cut on the PS1, and so I've used PS1 aesthetics wherever possible.  I'd love to hear what you think of the game!

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Wow, your game really evolved since the 7DRL version I played last time! I really like how every level has a different theme and an individual tileset. Unlocking new characters just feels like an achievement system. I killed 3 bosses (infected 2 of them) and died on the 4th floor reaching 26111 points. Some sound effects would add some additional flavor to the game.

Thank you for checking it out!  I've gotten the sound effect feedback a few times but I am totally clueless on what it would take to do that.  

Was the unlocking part fun or more of a chore?  Also curious if you liked the permadeath.  The original gave you infinite revives but would reset your score to 0 each time.

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I am always motivated by achievement systems. Humans generally have an urge to complete things and achievement systems just use that fact to get them involved. And as a roguelike player I like the permadeath feature - of course!

Implementing sound effects in JavaScript is a little special, but not too complicated if you know how to do it. Just check the source-code of RunToTheStairs from its GitHub-page to see how I have done it. The sound-effects are all loaded as HTML-elements. Just look for the <audio>-tags in "index.html". Let us take the nitro-sound as an example, it is played by the following command:
It can be found in the file "player.js".

Cool, Do you make them yourself or do you look for public domain effects packs?  

Unfortunately I do not have the skill to create music and sound-effects myself. Therefore I bought this sound-effects pack from Oryx Design Lab. Fortunately I found Dekkanoid a very talented musician from Australia to create some music for me. Check out this playlist to hear how versatile this guy is!