Think you're a savvy investor?  Want to become one?  Test your skills in Live Long and Prosper!

UPDATE: New version available on the IOS App Store! Includes better touch controls and several bugfixes and quality of life improvements.  I'm keeping the web version identical to it's state at the end of 7DRL until the judging is complete.

The goal is to see how long you can live before you run out of money or stress takes it's toll.  Avoid unnecessary expenses and prioritize steady income and retirement savings plans.

Controls - WASD, Arrow Keys, or click the buttons on the UI to move.  If you are on mobile you can tap anything for a tooltip.  Swipe controls aren't supported for the 7DRL version, but will be coming late.

Made for 7DRL 2020!


Development log


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This game is teaching me about life. One of my favorite plays in this jam.

Thank you!  So kind of you to say!